Friday, August 15, 2014

Hey folks I'm finally back at this again , I am back in the South and working in a studio / gallery in  Gastonia NC . The Art Station here in Southern NC is a happy place for me ,being back amongst friends and fellow artist is always a good place to be .

In the coming days I will be posting new work of mine as well as work and links of friends . Gastonia is coming alive with new art projects an artist ens , my long time friends and fellow artist Ryan Karpinsky and Roy Woods have been the catalyst of the art movement in this town actually starting it four years ago with the opening of The Art Station and in the last year opening Zoe's Coffee house next door.  They have fought a strong fight in making the people in the area aware of the arts both in visual and now the preforming arts with the addition of Zoe's Coffee House.

So as I mentioned check back often to see just what we are doing , check out the locale art and art scene. there will be some very interesting things happening as we watch a small mill town in the south develop into a art market we can all be proud of and profit from.