Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jackson Pollock

                                                   This is Just For Fun , Now Go Be An Artist

Thursday, July 8, 2010

As a mixed media artist , some folks think I need
to try my hand at digital art and I admit it is fun to do sometimes.
Its not near as messy , no clean up afterwards and still a work out for the brain and hands.
As you can see from above the work I have done today if printed would be about a 20in x 20 in print
it has some nice colors and depth, I just don't know if I could ever get behind it as a regular medium for my art.

Some people think it will be the art of the future, but to me it relies to much on the program you use, The more money you spend on computer programs the better artist you can be.
Its kind of like hiring an artist to paint something you tell him to then bragging to everyone what a great artist you are.

Now thats just my take on the whole thing, I enjoy doing it,I actually get some good ideas from it.
To me its a good way to practice without even being in the studio.
But to some its their thing and thats cool if thats how they create, guess I am still ole school.

Tell me what you think about digital art , not necessarily  my work but just the medium in general.
Would you buy it for your house as a piece of art? , would you do it as an artist?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey folks, I have been in my studio all day, let me explain my all day, I got up at 4am ( I love early morning) and as I started a pot of very strong coffee I also light up the studio turn on the computer and such.

For us in the Davis home the computers run our life. Not to sound like an advertisement, but we shed our 70 dollar a month phone bill 8 months ago and tried "Magic-Jack" a phone system that runs thru your high speed internet connection and cost you only $19.95 a year.
I have heard all the horror stories, and guess for some people its a night mare. for us its great.

We also shed our $100.00 a month cable bill and got a digital antenna from "Best Buy" for locale channels (were lucky we get 12 channels in our area and they come in great.) For other entertainment we use "Hulu" and "Net Flix"

Ok the commercials are over back to my day ,the coffees done and I need to stretch a couple canvas'.
I use the standard canvas bars you get from the art supply store as long as the canvas is not over 4 ft in size, after that you get into bracing and stuff we won't get into here.
Now as for my canvas materials I am very picky,I use a 100% cotton from a small mill in N.C. I am very tough on my canvas so I want a strong well behave cloth and this just works best for me.

After I get the canvas stretched over the bars I seal it with two coats of latex acrylic flat clear
"Ploycrylic" sealer one on each side. Each side takes about 30 minutes to dry.
Then for my top coat or ground as some call it I apply two coats of "Kilz" Primer, no latex here I use the oil base. Its just stronger and will except any kind of paint I want to apply. This is part of my life long process of trying to make each of my paintings as archival as possible.
Then they are put up to dry, usually a couple hours. This gives me time to finish another pot of coffee and do other things, like today was set aside for signing and numbering the "Flag Day"
prints, printing off the letters of authenticity and putting the paint spot on them to prove they are real and let them dry.

Now its about 11 am and I have good light coming thru the studio windows for about the next 6 hours so its time to paint, the photo above is of a 28 x 28 canvas that I have spent most of the day on, I just could not make myself happy with it so it goes on the wall, where I can look at it till something comes to mind that will make it better.

There have been paintings hang on the wall for a year before it comes to me what they need, then some never make it and I re-ground and start over.

Monday, July 5, 2010

In the last post I was kind of hard on the Giclee print, actually it is a very nice print medium ,and can save you lots of money on a piece of art.

Its just I am happier with the more old school style of printing, for my part I can control it a little more because I know the process. I am very particular about what happens with my work and I also want my customers to receive a quality print that will give them years of pleasure.

Art prints are finding their way back in to main stream art, And I for one am happy about it. My work is becoming more commonly know with more collectors, and now there is a more even flow between sells, now instead of waiting on shows and hanging shows and the wait for a gallery to pay on their schedule ,I have a more steady income ,so I can relax more and in the end produce better work.

I am working on my web site if you get a chance go by and check it out . Its not full of flash just basic info where I will be showing some of my latest works and some links to some very good info if you are an art lover.