Thursday, July 8, 2010

As a mixed media artist , some folks think I need
to try my hand at digital art and I admit it is fun to do sometimes.
Its not near as messy , no clean up afterwards and still a work out for the brain and hands.
As you can see from above the work I have done today if printed would be about a 20in x 20 in print
it has some nice colors and depth, I just don't know if I could ever get behind it as a regular medium for my art.

Some people think it will be the art of the future, but to me it relies to much on the program you use, The more money you spend on computer programs the better artist you can be.
Its kind of like hiring an artist to paint something you tell him to then bragging to everyone what a great artist you are.

Now thats just my take on the whole thing, I enjoy doing it,I actually get some good ideas from it.
To me its a good way to practice without even being in the studio.
But to some its their thing and thats cool if thats how they create, guess I am still ole school.

Tell me what you think about digital art , not necessarily  my work but just the medium in general.
Would you buy it for your house as a piece of art? , would you do it as an artist?

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