Thursday, August 28, 2014
Please follow our new friend from New Zealand , a blog of his travels and life
He is the latest of our international collectors, not to mention a great guy and very interesting
Burgy and his lovely wife stopped by on thier travels along the east coast of our great country , they happened by enjoyed some coffee at Zoes and purchased some 3d pieces from the Art Station. invited us to his beautiful country of New Zealand and now I know where I'm going when I leave here, sounds like a great place to retire.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Roy graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1972. He has a wide range of art expressions working in mixed media and with found objects. His paintings, sculptures and mixed media express his experiences with life. His works of art come from the soul taking the viewer to new awareness of color and space. This work is nontraditional, captivating what the viewer observes in them. Roy often incorporates primitive motifs in his work with strong brush strokes. He looks for objects to paint in or around to create his unique mixed media objects.With a background in construction he often uses construction materials and processes to develop his art. Recycling projects utilizing aluminum cans, shredded paper, broken glass and china, scrap wood and metal. Producing art from his studio since 1975, in locations where there was little or no art influences Roy has helped to bring awareness to the arts and artist in forgotten areas of his home town.Volunteering time to his neighborhood and town teaching and organizing outreach programs for children and adults Roy has been recognized as a distinguished alumni of The Art Institute Of Fort Lauderdale 1990 and 1991. He is now working and showing at The Art Station Art Gallery, 170 South Street Gastonia, North Carolina His studio, Creations by Roy Lindsay, is located at 170 West Franklin Blvd. Gastonia, North Carolina 28052

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Art Station in downtown Gastonia NC is a collaborative of 6 friends from different past and lifestyles who came together about 4 years ago with one goal in mind and that was to create an art community and to create art that couldn't be found anywhere else.
For the most part we have done just that, true Gastonia NC has not embraced us with tons of art collectors or even art lovers but they have opened their eyes an have grown considerably.
With most of our sells being from other cities and even other states and a couple other countries we know we are producing innovative art, and Gastonia has become a good hang out for us.
Its our home base and though we venture out to the big cities from time to time to work and spread the word about our work and passion for what we are doing , we come back here to do the real creating, we feed off each other and when we are all in the studio together we do some amazing work. Work that challenges NY and LA's finest artist and we are lucky enough to do it here in the south in a laid back country mill town , so life is good .

                                       Just an example of the creative minds of The Art Station
                                                A collaborative of the fine folks I work with

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hey folks I'm finally back at this again , I am back in the South and working in a studio / gallery in  Gastonia NC . The Art Station here in Southern NC is a happy place for me ,being back amongst friends and fellow artist is always a good place to be .

In the coming days I will be posting new work of mine as well as work and links of friends . Gastonia is coming alive with new art projects an artist ens , my long time friends and fellow artist Ryan Karpinsky and Roy Woods have been the catalyst of the art movement in this town actually starting it four years ago with the opening of The Art Station and in the last year opening Zoe's Coffee house next door.  They have fought a strong fight in making the people in the area aware of the arts both in visual and now the preforming arts with the addition of Zoe's Coffee House.

So as I mentioned check back often to see just what we are doing , check out the locale art and art scene. there will be some very interesting things happening as we watch a small mill town in the south develop into a art market we can all be proud of and profit from.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being an Artist

For those who have followed my ramblings an those who are new, know or can tell I am an abstract artist
and have been for some time. Part of the reason its been a while since my last post is I have been getting ready for a show in Charlotte N.C. @ Southend Gallery 1710 Camden rd 28203 in case anyone is in the area as of Sept 3rd I think anyways Will be opening night for what is to be a month long solo show.

For those who might be under the impression that art is not a "Real Job" for a one month show I have 2 months of everyday work just for prep and preparedness not to mention new works to be finished new works to be planned to replace those that sell and promote,promote,promote.

Then when it all begins its an endless days of selling, that doesn't mean there's any buying just lots of selling.
But its all good, for a solo show is the best it gets for an artist. Most Artist don't like the interaction with the public,that's why a lot become artist, they can work all day in a studio then turn their work over to a gallery owner and never deal with the public. Not me I love meeting the folks who come out to the show, The party crowd type atmosphere and repeatedly explaining what I do as an artist. The what is it , The why do you paint abstract ,The my kid can do this, and the whats your day job.

My shows are kind of like entering a studio, more layed back easy going and the questions are fine. I like to explain what I do and show folks abstract art is not just throwing paint on a canvas, there is lots of planning to what I do, being able to control the medium  and the brushes takes years of practice , so if what I do looks like your kid done it  then I have done my job.

Pablo Picasso once said something to this effect, "I spent twenty years learning to paint, then the rest of my life learning to paint like I did when I was a kid"

Abstract art must first be viewed with out thinking ,then let the art speak first, from there, theres no end to the conversation.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jackson Pollock

                                                   This is Just For Fun , Now Go Be An Artist

Thursday, July 8, 2010

As a mixed media artist , some folks think I need
to try my hand at digital art and I admit it is fun to do sometimes.
Its not near as messy , no clean up afterwards and still a work out for the brain and hands.
As you can see from above the work I have done today if printed would be about a 20in x 20 in print
it has some nice colors and depth, I just don't know if I could ever get behind it as a regular medium for my art.

Some people think it will be the art of the future, but to me it relies to much on the program you use, The more money you spend on computer programs the better artist you can be.
Its kind of like hiring an artist to paint something you tell him to then bragging to everyone what a great artist you are.

Now thats just my take on the whole thing, I enjoy doing it,I actually get some good ideas from it.
To me its a good way to practice without even being in the studio.
But to some its their thing and thats cool if thats how they create, guess I am still ole school.

Tell me what you think about digital art , not necessarily  my work but just the medium in general.
Would you buy it for your house as a piece of art? , would you do it as an artist?