Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being an Artist

For those who have followed my ramblings an those who are new, know or can tell I am an abstract artist
and have been for some time. Part of the reason its been a while since my last post is I have been getting ready for a show in Charlotte N.C. @ Southend Gallery 1710 Camden rd 28203 in case anyone is in the area as of Sept 3rd I think anyways Will be opening night for what is to be a month long solo show.

For those who might be under the impression that art is not a "Real Job" for a one month show I have 2 months of everyday work just for prep and preparedness not to mention new works to be finished new works to be planned to replace those that sell and promote,promote,promote.

Then when it all begins its an endless days of selling, that doesn't mean there's any buying just lots of selling.
But its all good, for a solo show is the best it gets for an artist. Most Artist don't like the interaction with the public,that's why a lot become artist, they can work all day in a studio then turn their work over to a gallery owner and never deal with the public. Not me I love meeting the folks who come out to the show, The party crowd type atmosphere and repeatedly explaining what I do as an artist. The what is it , The why do you paint abstract ,The my kid can do this, and the whats your day job.

My shows are kind of like entering a studio, more layed back easy going and the questions are fine. I like to explain what I do and show folks abstract art is not just throwing paint on a canvas, there is lots of planning to what I do, being able to control the medium  and the brushes takes years of practice , so if what I do looks like your kid done it  then I have done my job.

Pablo Picasso once said something to this effect, "I spent twenty years learning to paint, then the rest of my life learning to paint like I did when I was a kid"

Abstract art must first be viewed with out thinking ,then let the art speak first, from there, theres no end to the conversation.

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  1. Great Post! The life of an artist is 24 hours a day. Most do not realize that. I love your work. When I see, it makes me happy.