Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Art Station in downtown Gastonia NC is a collaborative of 6 friends from different past and lifestyles who came together about 4 years ago with one goal in mind and that was to create an art community and to create art that couldn't be found anywhere else.
For the most part we have done just that, true Gastonia NC has not embraced us with tons of art collectors or even art lovers but they have opened their eyes an have grown considerably.
With most of our sells being from other cities and even other states and a couple other countries we know we are producing innovative art, and Gastonia has become a good hang out for us.
Its our home base and though we venture out to the big cities from time to time to work and spread the word about our work and passion for what we are doing , we come back here to do the real creating, we feed off each other and when we are all in the studio together we do some amazing work. Work that challenges NY and LA's finest artist and we are lucky enough to do it here in the south in a laid back country mill town , so life is good .

                                       Just an example of the creative minds of The Art Station
                                                A collaborative of the fine folks I work with