Monday, July 5, 2010

In the last post I was kind of hard on the Giclee print, actually it is a very nice print medium ,and can save you lots of money on a piece of art.

Its just I am happier with the more old school style of printing, for my part I can control it a little more because I know the process. I am very particular about what happens with my work and I also want my customers to receive a quality print that will give them years of pleasure.

Art prints are finding their way back in to main stream art, And I for one am happy about it. My work is becoming more commonly know with more collectors, and now there is a more even flow between sells, now instead of waiting on shows and hanging shows and the wait for a gallery to pay on their schedule ,I have a more steady income ,so I can relax more and in the end produce better work.

I am working on my web site if you get a chance go by and check it out . Its not full of flash just basic info where I will be showing some of my latest works and some links to some very good info if you are an art lover.

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